The ETAWA invites you to an afternoon of professional
development at UWA.
Thursday November 19, 4.30pm, UWA
The afternoon will feature three sessions, two which are concurrent.
Session one:
Accessing the Westerly archives and resources
The first session is the launch of the ETAWA resources for the UWA magazine
This session will demonstrate how you can access and use the resources.
Presented by Josie Wang and Claire Jones
Two concurrent sessions:
The Best of the West(erly): diverse texts for the English classroom
A literary and cultural institution in Western Australia since 1956, Westerly has sought to publish
diverse voices in both imaginative and interpretive writing. This session intends to focus on
practicable ways the rich texts from this resource can be incorporated into the senior English
classroom. We will explore the online teaching resources currently available on the Westerly website as well as ways teachers can use the texts offered by the Westerly as writing prompts, motivation, or inspiration.
Presented by Jenny Miraudo
Cut to the chase: Integrating learning intentions into programming:
Learning intentions and success criteria can often be viewed as separate to course planning. This session will focus on how on how to integrate them in order to refocus on the syllabus, remove
ambiguity and differentiate content. We will also model how specific teaching strategies can be
used to enable students to create their own success criteria based on learning intentions.
Presented by Jessica Hewett, Jessica Kift and Candice Betts