Council and Life Members

The ETAWA council consists of four executive and 10 council members. All members on council are volunteers.

ETAWA Council Executive

Claire Burton

  • Claire Burton is a senior school English Teacher at Shenton College. Claire has experience developing, resourcing, teaching and assessing English programs and has been the coordinator for the Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR English courses. Her role at Shenton has diversified to include Year Leader, supporting the social, emotional and academic needs of a cohort, and Academic Programs Coordinator for Gifted and Talented Education. Currently, Claire’s role as the Academic Partnerships Coordinator involves working with tertiary institutions and other community groups to offer academic and extra-curricular opportunities for Shenton College students. Claire has been a member of the ETAWA council since 2016 and has coordinated and delivered numerous ETAWA Professional Learning opportunities.

Melanie Hindley

  • Melanie is a highly experienced educator who has taught English in regional and metropolitan Western Australia in both government and independent sectors.
    She holds a PHD based on research into curriculum leadership.
    Melanie is currently teaching and coordinating English programmes at Hale School, writes for educational publications and regularly presents at state and national conferences to share and grow her expertise in the teaching of English to young people.

Rod Quin

  • Rod Quin was a secondary English teacher for over thirty years. He also worked as a curriculum writer and policy officer for the Department of Education, as well as education policy adviser to two Ministers for Education. He was Supervising Examiner of the WACE English examination for six years, a WACE examination marker for thirty years and lecturer or tutor in education at all four public universities in Western Australia. He is author or co-author of twenty books for teachers and students of English. Now retired, he continues to be active in the English teaching community.

Hugh Rayner

  • Hugh has been involved in English teaching for the last 40 years or so. In that time, he has taught in the public, private (briefly) and tertiary sectors. He has contributed to a number of text books, been a member of the English CAC, Vice President and Life Member of the ETAWA, and an ATAR exam marker for more than 20 years with a decade as Chief Marker. Hugh has also contributed to the raising of two beautiful children (now adults) and spends a lot of time on his block in the bush. He is extremely passionate about teaching English, but starting to look forward to retirement.

Council Members

Leanne Bondin

  • Leanne has been an educator for over twenty years. She has contributed to five recent editions of Good Answers, including as Editor of the 2022 edition. Leanne, a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, has also co-authored several English ATAR books and resources on behalf of Insight Publications. She holds a Master of Contemporary Literacies and is an experienced ATAR marker, Assistant Head of English, and presenter of ATAR seminars for students and teachers. Leanne currently teaches ATAR Literature and English part-time.

Annika Demosthenous

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

  • Tony Hughes-d’Aeth is Professor of English and Literary Studies at the University of Western Australia. He lectures in contemporary literature, film and television, along with Australian literature and has a particular interest in the relationship between literature and the natural environment. He is the author of Like Nothing on this Earth: A Literary History of the Wheatbelt (UWA Publishing, 2017). He has been a member of the ETAWA council since 2018 and is passionate about the subject of English and its teaching at all levels of the educational system.

Rachel James

  • Rachel is a secondary English and Literature teacher who has taught in a number of WA schools across both the private and public sectors. She has an honours degree in English and Cultural studies from UWA and enjoys fostering a love of literature in her classroom. Rachel is passionate about her subject, curriculum and programming, and collaborating with colleagues. She is keen to extend these passions beyond the school setting as an ETAWA council member (2021).

Claire Jones

Executive Officer

  • Claire qualified as a secondary English and History teacher in 2001. In more recent years, Claire has been teaching in the tertiary sector, having taught Literary and Cultural Studies courses at Curtin University and now specialising in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at The University of Western Australia. She has also been a WACE and ATAR examiner of the English and Literature courses and has served as Chief Marker for both of these courses. Claire is also the Chief Investigator on The Big Picture Project: Subject English across Secondary and Tertiary Education in WA, a joint project between UWA and ETAWA.

Jenny Miraudo

  • Jenny Miraudo is the Leader of Learning for the English Department at Newman College and is a council member of the English Teachers Association of WA. With a Master’s degree in Curriculum Design and Assessment, her passion is designing meaningful teaching and learning programs that closely reflect syllabus priorities. She is also dedicated to engaging with fellow English teachers, which includes mentoring Early Career Teachers across all sectors and supporting teachers who are interested in career progression. Jenny has presented at national and state conferences and has contributed to three editions of the Good Answers guide for ATAR English.

Francoise Purdue

  • Francoise is currently a Principal Consultant for English (ATAR, General, 7-10) at the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. As part of her role, she is Executive Officer of the Year 11 and 12 English Non-ATAR Curriculum Advisory Committee. Francoise has taught at country, metropolitan, government and Catholic schools. She spent 16 years as an English Head of Learning Area and has been a marker and writer for English and Literature courses. Francoise is passionate about literacy, speaking and listening, and diverse voices in the English classroom.

Karen Stuart

  • Karen is currently Head of English at Kalamunda Senior High School where she has taught for the past nine years since migrating to Australia. She originally began her teaching career in Scotland where she qualified in 2006 and since then has held various positions teaching English and Literature accross the non-profit and public sectors. She has also been an external marker for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and SCSA. Throughout her career, Karen has worked extensively with students at educational risk and is curious about ways in which we can increase accessibility, equity, and engagement for students of English and Literature from all contexts.

Josefine Wang

PD Officer

  • Josefine Wang is a research officer at UWA and the Professional Development Officer for the English Teachers Association of WA. She is currently working on the Big Picture Project at UWA investigating the connections between secondary and tertiary English and Literature, as well as creative writing pedagogies. Prior to this she worked in the secondary education sector as an English teacher, focusing particularly on ATAR English and student engagement. Even though she does not work in the secondary context anymore, Josie is still an active member of the education community and continues to coordinate and deliver professional development for secondary English teachers across WA.

Jessica Williams

Administrative Secretariat Contacts

CASM (Centre for Association Management) are our Administrative Secretariat and are responsible for administration of the Association.

Dave Adams

  • Dave is the person to contact for information regarding events and publications. He manages bookings for ETAWA professional learning events, including conferences. Dave is also the contact person for the Good Answers guides and examinations papers.

Life Members

ETAWA has a small group of life members, all of whom were granted life membership as a result of their significant contribution to the teaching of English in Western Australia, and their involvement in the English Teachers Association of Western Australia.

Bob Biggins

Eric Carlin

Peter Gunning

Marnie O’Neill

Peter Forrestal

Brian Wolfenden

Gavin Morris

Rod Quin

Karren Philp

Warren Grellier

Wendy Cody

Terry Hogan

Hugh Rayner

Susan Lazenby

Past Presidents

1979: Marnie O’Neill

1980 – 1984: Peter Forrestal

1985 – 1989: Chris Jeffrey

1990: Rod Quin

1991 – 1992: Brian Wolfenden

1994 – 1997: Christine Cook

1998: Penny McLoughlin

1999 – 2004: Karren Philp

2005: Kelly Klymiuk and David Price

2006 – 2015: Wendy Cody

2016 – 2022: Claire Jones

2022 Present: Claire Burton

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