November Newsletter

November Newsletter

November Newsletter 1707 2560 English Teachers Association Western Australia

Wow. Week 5 of Term 4 already. We know 2022 has been another challenging year in the landscape of teaching. Thankfully, those well-deserved holidays are now only 5 weeks away. The assignments, exams and tests continue to roll in as the report writing deadline loom closer, but we hope you can take a moment to look over the news we are bringing you this fortnight.

Summer Intensive Microcredential Units at UWA

On-campus Summer Intensive
In this delivery of the unit we will meet each day for a 2 hour tutorial. It is a great chance to immerse yourself in the content of the course, as well as the UWA campus during the summer holidays. This face-to-face delivery allows you to meet and collaborate with other students and establish networks to take you into the teaching year. All lectures and readings will be available before the beginning of the class week, but tutorial discussions will keep pace with the unit outline in classes so that you can watch and read as we progress if that is your preference.
The three units will be timetabled throughout the day so you can enrol in all units if you would like to.
Apply now with the links below.

Making Marking Better PD – Recording Online Now

The ETAWA PD for Term 4 was a Seminar discussion of the ETAWA marking study that is currently being undertaken in conjunction with UWA. It was an online offering which meant we were able to cater to a greater number of our regional members. We had a wonderful turnout online and we would like to invite our members to access the recording of the online session through our resources page here


English in Australia and Interpretations

English in Australia hard copies will be posted to members this month along with the latest version of Interpretations. Keep an eye out for these high-quality publications.